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With a background in dance, Carolina interlaces fluidity with deep breath work, mantra and mudra in a  therapeutic form of mindful flows.
 Focusing less on achieving perfection in the poses, she encourages more freedom of movement and expression, delving deeper into who are beneath the surface of our physical being. Her creative sequencing encompasses traditional and classical hatha yoga practices, sprinkled with some more challenging asana and balances, powerful breath and core work, taking her students on a journey through life and between its polarities- stillness vs movement, simplicity vs difficulty. 
Both on and off her mat, Carolina finds that yoga can help us to flow through life with more trust, strength, openness, adaptability and fearlessness. Classes finish to incorporate elements of restful restorative yoga ( where the use of supports, cushions and blankets encourage full surrender and blissful relaxation...) , meditation, Breathe and Reboot Transformational Breath Technique, chanting & yoga nidra therapies.. 

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just 45 minutes out of London

The Yoga Room offers small personal group classes, individually tailored programs and workshops as well as on site "corporate" classes in your home or office.
If you feel your workplace or colleagues could benefit from having morning, lunchtime or after work yoga classes, I am currently offering 
around London. 
My corporate clients include Selfridge's & Co & Diageo.

I also host regular retreats for Adventure Yogi

Carolina trained with Sivananda and BSYA qualified instructor Teresa Kennard in Thailand, and continues her study through regular workshops at The Life Centre, Islington, Tri Yoga, and Alchemy in Camden.
She has attended numerous Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Back Care, Yoga Nidra and Qui Gong workshops & trainings with  renowned instructors Simone MacKay of The School of Sacred Arts, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Lisa Sanfilippo, Norman Blair, Adelene Cheong, Elena Voyce and Eunice Laurel. 

Yoga with Carolina specialises in emotional healing & releasing, detox therapies, treatments and holistic counselling that incorporate deep breath work, visualization, yoga therapy, reiki therapy, chakra therapy, aroma therapy, yoga for anxiety relief, yoga for stress relief and meditation technique.
Carolina has been teaching since 2007, and draws upon her background in dance and personal experiences as having shaped & influenced her teaching style today.

Her technique works to heighten awareness of body sensations through the practice, to LISTEN as we move, which naturally leads to more understanding and more control over our mental and emotional states, and feeling any "dis-ease" the body or mind may be undergoing

Daily life is busy, and can be hard, sometimes so much so that we don't have time, don't want to or are unable to understand how to deal with the situations we become faced with.

When we block or ignore things that cause us distress, they become stored in our bodies and organs and can start to affect our health., and our relationships.

Breathing techniques and yoga help us to consciously connect with ourselves and actively acknowledge and release emotional tensions & distress, and calm an agitated mind.

Through yoga, we get to know ourselves- how we think, how we feel- and find the tools with which to find understanding, and self-acceptance.

Yoga creates an air of calm, a sense of balance, an inner strength and a clarity of mind when things seem crazy and out of our control.

Yoga gives us back the control we feel we lack, and empowers us to move forward in every aspect of our lives with renewed energy, confidence and vitality!

PLease feel free to contact me with any questions or come and see me at 

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