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Boho Chic Retreats are BACK with 


with Barefoot Bohemia

October 10-15th 2017

Essaouira, Morocco



when you book by August 31st

Boho Chic Retreats 
brought to you by Barefoot Bohemia
Boho Chic Retreats are for the free spirited yogis among us that are connected to themselves and nature, know what's good for them and don't let situations or circumstances hold them back from experiencing the good things in life. A true Bohemian chooses to live outside of the box, flowing through life open heartedly, embracing all of its colours, adapting, moving, travelling and creating their own world without limits. That world is Bohemia.


The essence of Bohemia cannot be easily described but more felt- essentially it means adopting a lifestyle, unleashing a voice and making certain choices that are best for our health. It is rediscovering and replanting all of the things that were previously lacking from our lives. Things that our bodies can cry out for but we misunderstand or ignore and so our voice lays dormant within us thus creating dis-ease in the body and our life in general. Bohemia encompasses our environment, what we eat, how we move and how we choose to see and experience life and the things that come our way. 

The Barefoot concept stemmed from the fact I myself was in a motorbike accident last year whilst teaching in Goa and so have experienced first hand how your life can be affected when things go wrong and you experience extreme stress or trauma. 

"The recovery for me was very much a journey into the unknown. "

Longterm stress and trauma can take a heavy toll on the body and the mind and the after effects can last a long time creating a number of different sensations, experiences and reactions. These can have a huge impact on our daily lives and our ability to function as we used to. 

Some examples I’ve personally experienced include an incessant trepidation that more is coming, loss of balance and difficulty walking. A loss of hearing, taste and smell, uncontrollable emotions at times, a complete shutting off from the world and experiences of floating and out of body experiences. A feeling of such disassociation and disconnection from my body it is almost as if someone else has taken up residence in my “home”. 

"The effects of stress or trauma can be so debilitating that you can feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. Countless specialists couldn’t explain what or why I was going through what I was going through. I felt alone and no one understood so it was up to me to find out through months and months of trial and error, patience and trust that I would find a way.

Regardless of whether you've suffered an accident like I did, the same reactions and sensations can just as equally be brought forth through stress you are undergoing now as well as from years past that may be laying dormant in your body's memory if you've never taken the time to release it."

Far from medicines we’re often prescribed in these cases, I've personally found that there is another way to bring about healing and peace in your body and mind, no matter what you've been through or are currently going through.

"Your body knows what you need more than anyone else, it's just about understanding the language it speaks.”


Through specified techniques we can learn to slowly recognise the reactions and responses as messages being communicated to us by our bodies, telling us what we need in order to start moving forward and feeling like ourselves again. We develop an understanding as opposed to a fear of the reactions and sensations our bodies and minds can go through and learn the tools needed to ease and manage them, thereby taking back control and a feeling of trust, familiarity, friendship and safety in our bodies once again. 

The classes can incorporate transformational breath therapy, chakra therapy, meditation, yoga nidra, reiki energy therapy, acupressure, vibrational sound therapy through gong baths as well as vocal expression, reflexology and massage. Intricately linked with the deep, interpersonal soul searching and bonding that our yoga practice should be based upon when overcoming trauma, stress or a feeling of imbalance: befriending, loving, talking to, listening to, understanding and caressing your bodies, this is what bringing nature in from within and around us as healing tonic is all about. 


*GONG SOUND BATH THERAPY SESSIONS with meditation/ yoga nidra

*ENERGETIC THERAPY TREATMENTS: (private sessions): A deeply penetrating hands on healing technique to encourage healing and a regeneration of cells alongside mental, physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. These treatments intuitively incorporate elements of reiki, head, foot and body massage, acupressure points, sound therapy and a therapeutic manoeuvring of the body to gently dissolve and eliminate pent up emotional, physical and psychological "debris" that trauma or chronic stress can leave behind.

ACUPUNCTURE SESSIONS with Amelia from The Stepping Stones Project

Part boho-part chic, our ethos is to combine the luxuries of an eco retreat in the tropics, WITHOUT COSTING THE EARTH.




Our eco chic palace riad is located just 20 minutes outside of Essaouira Medina among olive groves and cactus fields. The outdoor pool is set within the private tropical gardens and surrounded by draped bamboo day beds, loungers, shady pagodas and hammocks.

Morocco, with its exotic colours, sights, sounds, smells and textures is a mystical country that I find frees the senses and spirit from the restraints of daily life and responsibilities. The classes and workshops are sprinkled with elements of inner and outer exploration to encourage fearless living and freedom for our bodies, hearts, spirits and minds to truly soar 

Experience sunrise and sunset yoga and relaxation

*on rooftops overlooking the breathtaking mountains

*under olive groves

*beside a cacti desert upon the warm earth’s crust

*by the water and ON the water with a day’s SUP Yoga on the North African coast (supplement applies)

*desert & ocean meditations

*freedom writing & nature therapy

We breathe, feel, express, adapt, move, travel and create our own world without limits 

Your last day (Oct 15th) will be spent on the North African coast where you will witness wild horses one moment at total ease and then suddenly kick up the sand and bolt down the coastline in an attempt to run free. The difficulties you can endure can in the same way set that inherent wild part of your being into a frenzy where life could seem to be spiralling out of your control.

"This retreat is about understanding, facilitating, and harnessing every part of your being into gently taking hold of the reins-guiding and coaxing the way you want your life to continue, starting from now."

You will have two days free time at the end of the retreat before flying home to explore the souks and fill your bags up with the endless treasures of spices, fabrics, or rugs alongside the mesmerizing sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of Essaouira Medina. (Last 2 nights accommodation 15th and 16th October in Essaouira Medina are not included in your retreat price- accommodation is available from £15pp via Air BNB)

Let me introduce you to the magical instrument that your mind and body is when you know how to play it and show you another way to continue living on this beautiful planet, with your best buddy by your side.



Essaouira Tuesday 10th October 

5 night’s in our beautiful eco chic palace Riad


*optional early morning silent mindfulness walk/meditation

* an invigorating morning practice & cooling sunset evening practice with meditation to balance solar & lunar energies of the body

* nutritious breakfast and fresh juices to replenish and revive

*days will be free to relax by our beautiful pool, sleep, read, walk or indulge in a massage, reiki, reflexology treatment OR go local with a traditional Moroccan hammam

(various extra therapies & workshops alos available upon request see Treatments & Workshops for details)

* you'll have the option to enjoy our own home cooked organically grown tajines & more as your lunch time/evening meal or make your way into the medinas and winding souks for fine dining and shopping 

*Sunday 15th October

travel to Essaouira Medina

Departing early to spend the day and your last 2 nights on the coast of Essaouira where you'll have the option to take our yoga practice to the ocean with SUP yoga- on paddle boards, as well as yoga and meditation on the beach as we watch the African sunset...

*Tuesday 17th October

Depart Essaouira -London



* 5 night’s accommodation FULL BOARD

*morning & sunset yoga**

*meditations & yoga nidra

*morning mindful walks

*freedom meditation writings

*evening pyjama yogi-nidra sessions

*Gong Sound Therapy Ceremonies

**classes will combine restorative, yang and vinyasa flow yoga sequences


*flights-  with

*airport transfers (150MDR/ £10-20pp)

*SUP board day hire (€30-35pp)

*extra trips to medina (120MDR/£8-10)

*last 2 nights in Essaouira (accommodation is available in numerous roads starting from £15pp per night- see Air BnB for more info)

*extra treatments-massage, reiki, reflexology, acupuncture with The Stepping Stones Project, yoga therapy sessions, breathe & reboot transformational breath therapy, meditation technique, one to one yoga nidra/restorative yoga therapy for stress, anxiety, insomnia relief


With vegetarian and non vegetarian options available, the food is organic and freshly prepared by our Berber chef Saida, locally sourced, and some of it even grown in the tropical gardens of our riad. 

Breakfast: wake up to detoxifying fruit and veg juices, refresh with Moroccan mint tea, and energize with omlettes, eggs, nuts, fruits, home grown olives and local breads and salads

Dinner: a tantalizing array of exotic organic Moroccan tajines infused with Arabic, Berber, Spanish, French & Portuguese influences..

TREATMENTS AVAILABLE: £45 per 60 minute session

Treatments take place under the shaded pagodas within the olive groves and tropical gardens

Reiki, reflexology, massage, art therapy, yoga therapy, chakra balancing, relaxation and meditation technique


*Breathe & Reboot Transformational Breath Therapy

*Self Massage Technique with Acupressure Points

*Meditation Technique

Boho Chic Retreat's


2 / 3 night packages available
Arr: Thurs/Fri evening 

mindful walks in the country and by the seaside//yoga//
meditation//freedom writing//painting 
meditations//qigong//  chanting//breath detox workshops//2 sleepy yoga nidra pyjama sessions before bed
ALL meals & accommodation also included

optional extras include ayurvedic oil massage, reiki therapy, yoga for insomnia, stress, anxiety relief, chakra therapy, reflexology, holistic health & nutrition sessions, medicinal herb walks, raw food workshops, acupuncture)

Boho Chic Retreats Yoga Lifestyle Weekends

fr £250 pp

Retreat price includes all yoga, accommodation, food and use of our private OUTDOOR HOT TUB
Groups are kept small and intimate with no more than 7 retreat students any one weekend.

we're now going ECO CHIC with the option to sleep under the stars in our Native American Indian Sioux-style tipi tents positioned in our 4.9 acres of woodland bluebells: lusciously furnished with luxury blow up mattresses, blankets, sheepskin rugs, fairy lights and their own wood-fire pits, sleep under a canopy of emerald green and stars..



"I wanted to thank you for hosting such a wonderful weekend. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, mkore in touch with myself and my surroundings. You are a wonderful yoga teacher but in my mind most importantly, you are a beautiful person full of light" 

"Thank you put so much effort and love into thisthe classes were beautifully organised with very special music, lighting and voice guidance.."

"stunning, beautiful and cosy like a warm haven...over the moon with the variety of food-spices, textures,goodness & healthy kicks- very inspiring! I loved the hot water bottles, hot tub and bath robes..big fan of your calming, soothing voice Carolina"

"Carolina creates and provides an amazing retreat and home for you all to share for a weekend. A wonderful host and inspiring teacher, we're so lucky it is so close to London!Truly perfect place to re-charge" Jodhi Dee of The House of Hoop

"Carolina, you are an ab fab cook! yoga nidra before bed..fully relaxed after reiki and yoga therapy session was amazing!vI will be trying my new poses before bed"

"Thank you so much for your smile, kindness & welcome- the classes were also perfect for a beginner to yoga"

"The venue is perfect for retreating..I want it!Loved the taxi too.the classes are a great mix of energising & time for reflection.lots of free time and lots of freedom. Carolina's retreats are a perfect mis of yoga, walking, laughter & time by log fires..a truly healing & therapeutic experience accompanied by delicious food and wonderful people, thanks darling" 

for more testimonials click here


2 x daily yoga classes

Meditation/yoga nidra

All food, juices and accommodation

Full exclusive use of private outdoor hot tub


Travel to venue and transfers

Reiki therapy



One to one Yoga therapy sessions for anxiety, insomnia, stress relief,relaxation technique



Hammock lounging

Candlelit baths with essential oils or detoxifying  salts

Medicinal Herbal Walks- coming soon

Holistic Nutrition Workshops

Juice detox

Qi gong

Silent meditation walks

Outdoor Hot tub

Canoeing- coming soon


Reiki, reflexology, massage, art therapy, yoga therapy, chakra balancing, relaxation and meditation technique, acupuncture with The Stepping Stones Project